For the past few years, Shanthini polymers had been manufacturing UPVC Electrical Conduits under the brand names Jene & Jene Gold

We are using cutting-edge technologies to keep pace with the modern technology and the choice of the customers. The company believes in total Quality Control measures and as a part of it each pipe is thoroughly checked at the manufacturing stage, so as to ensure that customer is supplied with good quality product. The company's Electrical Conduits are of ISI Standards and are used for domestic & industrial purposes,

Our products are manufactured strictly according to the ISI and other international standards. We constantly redefine our quality standards, focussing on surpassing of the same thus adding more value to end users.

JENE Conduit Pipe Weight List

SIZE INCH 1.2MM 1.5MM 1.8MM 2 MM
16MM 1/2" - 28kg - 30kg - -
19MM 3/4" 20kg - 21kg 26kg - 28kg 35kg - 36kg 38kg - 40kg
25MM 1" - 19kg - 21kg 25kg - 27kg 28kg - 30kg